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Phone Calls

Calling your representatives is an effective way to pressure them to change. One of the hallmark strategies of the Tea Party, calling your member of Congress is a key strategy recommended by the Indivisible Guide.

Each week, you’ll find daily Calls to Action on Indivisible Idaho that will help you to act now on the issues that are happening around the country, but you can call your senator or representative any issue that matters to you. We have sample scripts posted for the most pressing issues, but these are a guidelines. Speak in your own voice, tell your own story. If you aren’t sure who to call or what to say, check out the How to Contact you Representatives page for some helpful tips. There is no wrong way to call.

Send a Letter

Print and fill out this Sample Letter to send to your Member of Congress. Does this inspire you to create your own? Even better! Get writing.

Find their contact information here

Media Outreach

Our representatives are political figures, and they are deeply impacted by what the media reports on them. If you plan a meeting at your Representative’s Office and they won’t let you in, tweet about it! Use the hashtag #IndivisibleIdaho and #StandIndivisible so we know!

If you have a rally planned, let the local paper know.

Call The Idaho Statesman Newsroom with any event notices: 208-377-6400
The Idaho Press Tribune Newsroom: 208-465-8124
Coeur D’Alene Press 208-664-8176
The Times News 208-733-0931

Did you have a bad experience with a congressional staffer? Write a Letter to the Editor.

Bad experiences with your MoC should never be provoked by you. Remember, always be polite and respectful when dealing with your MoC.

Find a Weekly Call to Action

Unsure where to start or what to say? We have sample scripts above, and post weekly Calls to Action but there are plenty of places you can visit to find action tools. 

Sixty Five is a great place to find a Weekly Call to Action that provides an issue to focus on each week, with sample scripts you can use to call your representatives.

Give it a try!
Another great option is 5 Calls:

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