Immigration Raids and Refugees

The following document produced by the Indivisible Team includes tools and an action plan for how you can stand with our immigrant and refugee community. If you are an immigrant in our community, it is important for you to know you rights and to share resources with your family about the legal protections available.

Learn the policies of Idaho’s local law enforcement agencies regarding undocumented immigrants and ICE enforcement. (Periodically updated as agencies respond)

If you are an immigrant or a refugee in the state of Idaho and you need help, you can contact these organizations for assistance:

Catholic Charities of Idaho


Phone Number: 208-345-6031

World Relief Boise


Phone Number: 208-323-4964

Agency for New Americans


Phone Number: 208-338-0033 ext 25

University of Idaho College of Law Immigration Law Clinic


Phone Number: 208-885-2255

ACLU of Idaho


Phone Number: 208-344-9750

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