A Letter of Motivation to Supporters

A Letter of Motivation to Supporters

The election stirred something in us – we’ve acknowledged that. We were out the door and ready to march by the time CNN called the race. “This is our country!” we cried. “We’re taking it back.” There was a visceral feeling stirred up within our bellies – a desire to protect and defend those who were vulnerable. The very values and ideals we always took for granted were now being threatened – even the ones we always thought were most secure – freedom of the press, freedom of speech, the right to assemble, then it was our health care, and soon it was our neighbors. Would they be allowed in? If so, for how long?

Marches and rallies were organized on a moment’s notice. The media’s head spun at the breakneck speed at which the Indivisible groups were rising up across the country. The Women’s March produced the largest gathering of people around the world – ever. It was a sight never before seen. The outcry against this administration was phenomenal.

But then, the blows started to be dealt.

Congressmen and senators started posting signs on their doors proclaiming “no meetings without appointments.” The Trump cabinet nominees started rocketing through the confirmation process without regard to the tens of thousands of phone calls we were making. A ban was imposed – but it wasn’t a ban.

The teeniest of pins pricked our balloon and air started to seep out. This is going to be tough.

And there it is.

This isn’t just going to be tough – this is going to be a fight. But it was always meant to be. That’s why we’re here. If some of you are starting to feel a little fatigued, and disappointed, that’s ok, but it’s important to remember that this is not a sprint. This is the longest marathon you will run, and it is the run of your life.

We are fighting for the future of this country – for our children’s hopes, dreams, and basic rights. We are fighting for the Iraqi immigrant who is allowed to come to this country and attend one of our schools on our scholarship to find the cure to a disease, or the Somali refugee who has the chance to start a business that will bring jobs here. But it doesn’t have to be that big – in our communities, we’re fighting for our schools, for our wages, and our jobs, too. We’re fighting for us. For everyone. This isn’t easy. And more days will be faced with defeat rather than success, but we only need one – we only need one success.

Activism fatigue is real. Take a day off when you need it. That will only let you come back the next day even stronger.

Remember, one voice can make a difference. Will it be yours?

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  • Posted February 8, 2017

    Patricia Herman

    Excellent !! Motivational!!

  • Posted February 26, 2017


    In this , one of the redest states in the unoin , it gives great hope to find this movement represented.
    Here more than in other states i believe the fight will be tougher . Which only serves to increase that sense of hope in finding this group in this place at this time . When ALL Americans are under siege from a president and administration that represents the views and concerns of so VERY few of them !! As for the one success , to me just knowing that this group exists in this state is a success .

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