An Open Letter to the President

An Open Letter to the President

An Open Letter to the President –

In less than one week, you’ve accomplished something that we haven’t seen in previous administrations. Under President Obama, the rise of ISIS dominated headlines, and racial tensions between citizens and the police lead to the formation of Black Lives Matter.

Under President Bush, the nation mourned and we entered into two of the country’s longest and deadliest wars as we watched the Twin Towers fall to terrorism.

Under President Clinton, the House of Representative’s initiated impeachment proceedings against their commander-in-chief, only to be acquitted in the Senate.

For more than a generation, a divide has bubbled up in this country revolving around race, gender, women’s rights, the economy, climate change and so many more. At some point, disagreeing with someone became full frontal combat – friendships ended, neighbors stopped speaking, political parties became more and more radicalized.

We retreated further into ourselves and stayed insulated by opinions and news that confirmed only what we wanted to hear. The most polarizing election in history was in 2016 – yours. Trump supporters and Hillary supporters were not political choices. They were life choices – they still are.

On November 8th, for more than half the country, we didn’t feel like we lost the election. We had a more visceral feeling. We felt like parents who now had to watch our children live with the bad choice they’d made, despite the warnings – the pleadings to slow down and think about the consequences. But something else is happening now.

See, you’ve managed to scare a few million people into following you – you’ve convinced some that your “Muslim ban” and “extreme vetting” will keep people safe, that instituting gag orders on federal agencies is for “our own good,” that the media needs “to shut its mouth and listen.”

But you’ve also managed to do something in seven days that the past three presidents – that the past dozen presidents couldn’t do, despite significantly worse circumstances occurring in their administrations. You’ve inspired millions of people to stand up against you, to find out what they are willing to fight for, to find their voices and become active in their communities to oppose your legislation. You managed to take a country that you convinced us was divided and unite it against you – in seven days. How divided do you think we were?

I believe that we will win. And I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish next week.

Sincerely, A concerned citizen of America

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  • Posted January 30, 2017

    Patricia Herman

    Mr. President
    You have managed to instil fear in the people you swore to protect!
    This does not make you a President it makes you a dictator! The likes of which we Americans have only seen in foreign countries not our own!
    Your executive orders go aganist the United States and what we the people believe in! Our first ammendment is being stomped on and many as you know are very angry over the careless use of your authority.

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