Run for Office

Run for Office

If you or someone you know think you have what it takes to make a run for political office, we are here to help! Many races in Idaho go unopposed, and we need new candidates with a fresh vision who are ready to take on the status quo. Technology means you don’t need a lot of money to run a successful campaign; you just need an authentic message and a solid foundation to move our community (or the state/country at the federal level) forward. 

Do you think you have what it takes? Here are some resources to send you to the front of the pack. 

  • Crowdpac – Create a Start Running page and test your potential financial support without the pressure of committing. Collect pledges from your supporters before you declare. 
  • VoteRunLead – Download e-Books, take a primer course, and sign up to “Run as You Are.”
  • Run Women Run – A compilation of resources and links to help women get started in political office. 
  • #ILookLikeAPolitician – A mentorship program designed to encourage young people to run for office. 
  • New Politics – Answering the Call is a program for military veterans or civilian graduates of programs such as AmeriCorp who still are still interested in serving their country in politics. The program will train participants.
Theresa Renner is a marketing PR professional who has created: How-To: A Quick Campaign on the Cheap for us to share. If you’re ready to declare your candidacy and start running your campaign, this document can help you get going today. 

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