Weekly Actions May 29-June 3

Weekly Actions May 29-June 3

Every week we post Calls to Action at IndivisibleIdaho.com/Call-to-Action and on our Facebook page. We will now share those in weekly posts so that Indivisible Idaho members can look back at the actions we’ve taken over past weeks, and so that we can reach a wider group of people. You will still be able to find these actions on our Call To Action page. 

May 29 – June 2 

RECESS EVENTS and Labrador

This will be a week of multi-tasking. Fortunately, we’ve all learned to do that with this administration by now. 

First and foremost – our MoC are on recess. That is supposed to mean they are here talking to us. Raul Labrador will make three stops across the state to announce his run for governor, but he has not resigned his current position in Congress (Idaho doesn’t have resign to run laws) so all week, we need to keep the pressure on him and his office to answer questions about his controversial immigration bill, and his support on the AHCA. We also must continue to press Risch, Simpson, and Crapo to hold a town hall. 

Details on Labrador’s state tour are limited – what we do know is:

The first event is at a residence in Boise on May 30,
The second event is at the American Legion hall in Post Falls on May 31  
The third event is at Melaleuca, owned by major Republican donor Frank VanderSloot, in Idaho Falls on June 1.

The main legislative issues that we are focused on are the saving the ACA, Trump’s budget, an independent commission, and the CHOICE Act.  

  1. Save the ACA: Demand that your Senators work in an open and transparent way and remind them that TrumpCare is as devastating as it is unfixable. Make sure they know that you’re watching and that you won’t accept any support for it. If you can only talk about one thing, it should be this. We’ve gotten word that this recess is a test for Republican Senators — if they receive negative feedback from constituents at home, McConnell could kill the bill. All week long, make sure to call Crapo and Risch and voice your opposition to the AHCA. View our Sample Scripts on Health Care here – http://indivisibleidaho.com/sample-scripts-health-care/
  2. Resist Trump’s billionaire budget: Here are the key messages to make sure your members of Congress hear from you. Key senators, including Graham and McCain have said that this budget is dead-on-arrival. We need our MoC to say the same. We know this bill guts Medicaid, Food Stamps, funding for student loan programs, legal aid, retirement for federal workers, and ramps up spending on defense. The priorities in this budget are not what the American people want. 
  3. Get an independent commission on #TrumpRussia: We got the special counsel but it isn’t enough. There’s a bill in the House and Senate that your members of Congress need to support. 
  4. Protect our families from big banks on Wall Street: On June 7, the House will vote on the CHOICE Act to gut protections for families on main Street from big banks on Wall Street who would do us harm. We have a sample script up on the CHOICE Act. Tell your MoCs to reject it.


We are citizen activists. This is our opportunity to be loud and remind our MoC’s that they work for us, not the other way around. Stand Strong. Stand United. Stand Indivisible.
Indivisible Idaho

Senator James Risch: 1-202-224-2752 Email
Senator Mike Crapo 1-202-224-6142 Email
Rep. Raul Labrador 1-202-225-6611 Email
Rep. Mike Simpson 1-202-225-5531 Email

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